Client List

Executives from Public Companies

Fidelity National Lender Solutions
Fidelity National Information Solutions (formerly MicroGeneral)
Universal Electronics International (UEI)
Abbott Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Executives from Private Companies

UST-Global (USA and India)
Testhouse (London, England)
Miller-United Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
Centennial Miller United


COX Communications
Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

Governmental Institutions

United States Postal Service


The Pines Resort (Bass Lake, California)

Family-Owned Businesses

RNE Motorcar Marketplace
COIT Services
PJ’s Abbey (restaurant) and GM Packaging
American Crematory Equipment, Co.


California Composite Design, Inc.

Packaging, Printing

Ambrit Engineering
Berkley Industries/Omni Plastics
Woodridge Press

Real Estate/Mortgage Brokers

Hidden Meadows Realty/Coldwell Banker—Prestige Properties
Heritage Escrow
Foreclosure Workout Specialists
New Millennium Financial
Centurion Real Estate and Research Co.


Habitat for Humanity
California Head Injury Foundation
Catholic Church (in the Diocese of Orange)
"Catholics at Work" sponsored Retreat Workshops

Educators/School Districts

Irvine Valley College—Drama Teacher/Director of “Hairspray” and “Spelling Bee.”
South Bay Union School District, Central School
Whittier Unified High School District, Cal High
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“The leadership Joan offers has allowed me personally to break through many barriers in the business area including: salary, dealing with difficult personalities, team work and personal leadership. Joan has a tremendous store of knowledge in the area of personal growth, leadership and group dynamics…”

Terry Kristiansen
Manager, International Training, Toshiba

“I call it the ‘Joan’ Award!” –February, 2012
– Cindy S. Giambrone, PharmD won the Gold 2011 US General Medicines Business Excellence Award for Innovation!

“…I was the only one to be promoted from my team this round…Thank you for the coaching!” –May, 2007
– Cindy S. Giambrone, PharmD
Regional Account Scientific Director, Novartis
Currently – Medical Managed Care Director, Medical Affairs, Genzyme

Cindy S. Giambrone
Excellence Award Winner, Novartis

“…The coaching helped me move my management and communication skills to the next level (Director to VP).
This has not only helped me professionally, by giving me tools and knowledge to build a more effective team at work, but also personally with my family relationships….You have clearly helped me discover things about myself that were keeping me from taking control over my life…”

Brian Hoshiko
VP of Production Systems, Emida

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